SAIV 2024


Xujie Si

University of Toronto, Vector Institute, Mila

Short Bio: Xujie Si is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. He is also a faculty affiliate at Vector Institute and an external affiliate member at Mila, the Quebec AI Institute, where he holds a Canada CIFAR AI Chair.

His primary research focuses on automated reasoning, neuro-symbolic systems, and developing foundational abstractions for reliable and explainable AI (XAI). His recent work concerns program synthesis and verification with deep learning techniques, learning verifiably correct specifications for neural networks, and interpretable rule learning from perceptual data. His works have been recognized with the ACM SIGPLAN distinguished paper award and highlighted in top programming languages and machine learning conferences.

More Information:
Talks at this conference:
 Mon, 10:00 Chronosymbolic Learning: Efficient CHC Solving with Symbolic Reasoning and Inductive Learning
 Tue, 9:00 Machine Learning Meets Program Reasoning: Opportunities and Challenges