SAIV 2024 SAIV 2024

The 7th International Symposium on AI Verification in Montreal on July 22–23, 2024

The goal of the Symposium on AI Verification is to bring together researchers from the communities on formal methods and artificial intelligence. Formal reasoning about learning-based systems raises novel, challenging, and exciting problems, such as the verification of learning-based components and the verification and synthesis of neuro-symbolic systems. SAIV aims to serve as a platform for idea exchange and cross-pollination on these topics.

The 7th SAIV will be co-located with the 36th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification and take place in Montreal, Canada on July 22–23, 2024. SAIV 2024 comprises the 5th International Verification of Neural Networks Competition (VNN-COMP’24).


Registration is open! Early bird deadline is June 15, 2024.