SAIV 2024


Clark Barrett

Stanford University

Short Bio: Clark Barrett is a Professor (Research) of Computer Science at Stanford University. His expertise is in automated reasoning and its applications. He was an early pioneer in satisfiability modulo theories and formal hardware verification. More recently, he has also pioneered techniques for applying formal methods to neural networks. He is the director of the Stanford Center for Automated Reasoning (Centaur) and co-director of the Stanford Center for AI Safety. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and a winner of the 2021 Computer Aided Verification (CAV) award.

More Information:
Talks at this conference:
 Mon, 9:00 Verified Autonomy with Neural Lyapunov Barrier Certificates
 Mon, 16:00 Marabou 2.0: A Versatile Formal Analyzer of Neural Networks
 Mon, 17:00 Parallel Verification for δ-Equivalence of Neural Network Quantization
 Tue, 15:00 Clover: Closed-Loop Verifiable Code Generation